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It is very difficult to package ayurveda treatments when we approach ayurveda in its holistic way. At the same time it is difficult to convey the cost of the treatment to patients when they make an enquiry for treatment. The treatment will be customised for Patients and there are chances that one does not get a clarity of the cost till the end of the treatment. We do understand that Patients from foreign countries find it difficult to do financial planning if there is no clarity on costs. When someone asks for a concrete treatment plan and costs before a personal consultation, it wouldn’t be possible many a times. Considering both these difficulties we come out with a unique packaging which will take care of both the difficulties and also keeping up the present day “Packaging Culture”.

Room Tariff

Patients will fill a form with their medical complaints when they make an enquiry. They will also write their plan about the duration of stay based on our advice based on the condition, their feasibility with leave and so many other factors.( For additional information’s, they can view “Duration of stay for Treatments ”under Information to patient).

Generally treatment cost per day per person would be between Rs 1900 and 2400. Based on the above inputs based on the duration of the stay and the medical issues, we will decide a rough protocol of treatment and declare the package charge to the patient in continuation to their enquiry mail. Example: We may communicate to you that the Treatment cost for you will work out to Rs 2100 per day excluding food and stay. As far as possible we will try to maintain the committed charges but in remote case, on a personalized consultation, if we find that we need to make a change in the tentative protocol that we made earlier, then the costs might go up or down. However, we will make sure that the difference will not be more than Rs 100 a day.

The treatment cost includes, oral medications provided, treatment provided (like massage etc.), oils used, other materials like powders, medicated bundles and all other materials used for treatments, Consultation with the Vaidyas and other Ayurveda services provided will be based on the requirement of the patient. This does not involve the discharge medicines that the patients take after the treatment course and the same packaged treatment costs would be applicable on days when the external treatments are cancelled on medical grounds.

The Treatment cost does not include the accommodation & food charges. Please see the section room tariff for details.

Note -These packaged costs will be applicable from the Day one of treatments and these costs will remain the same irrespective of the type of treatments and number of treatments.Example the packaged treatment costs will remain the same, even on days like virechana when there is no external treatments given to the patients.

In female patients, if the treatments are cancelled due to menstrual cycles, then we will reduce the treatment package costs by 50%, however the treatment package costs will be fully applicable if the patient is unable to undergo treatments due to any other reasons, including medical conditions like cold,fever etc. Even if the patient is not present for the treatment on the scheduled treatment time and the treatment gets cancelled because of it, the packaged charges would be fully applicable, however we will try our level best to accommodate him/her in the treatment schedule, but we cannot assure the same.

The type of treatments and number of treatments are purely based on the discretion of the physician based on the medical condition of the patients.

If you wish to procure any medicines from pharmacy for your personal use then it will be charged separately and it will not be included in the treatment package.