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Dr.Parthasarathy and Dr.Saraniya, Thank you very much for everything My four four weeks of treatment was “Health & Happiness” , “Laughter & Leasure” , “Learning & letting go” .

During the third week with shirodhara and Pizhichil , I had a lot of emotional outburst and I shared my heartfelt feeling-felt light and relieved ,less baggage in mind and body which added spiritual dimension to my treatment. The dark spots on my face have considerably reduced and not so dark anymore and are improving on daily basis. I have hope,trust and faith for my better health. Blessings to both of you .

Additional observation regarding supervision of all staff at various level I would like to mention that any comment from patient is considered immediately and quick action is taken and the result is ever faster and improved. All staff including doctors,therapists,cooks,gardeners etc..are very co-operative and a happily disposition towards their own responsibilities which I appreciate and admired during my four weeks of stay.Thank you .

Dr.Krishna Venkatnarayanan
India  ,  Jul - 2015