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My heartfelt thanks to Pujya swamiji Dayananda Maharaj,the embodiment of compassion,who had the initiative of having an Ayurvedic hospital for those who seek wholesome treatment.SDJ ayurvedalaya is located in a good atmosphere to relax and benefit from treatment.

Dr.Parthasarathy and Dr.saraniya have been selected and blessed by Pujya swamiji to run the Ayurvedalaya. They are the two pillars,they maintain discipline in the staff,authenticity in the treatment ,and are available for any question on the part of the patient for reassurance. All details from pharmacy to kitchen are taken care of with sincerity,devotion due to their love and dedication to Pujya swamiji.

I have been admitted in different hospitals in different occasssions but I find some uniqueness here.I have been evaluated step by step in each treatment.I have been advised how to go about so that I retain a healthy way of life and most importantly it has triggered in me the willingness to change in my eating habits etc...

Swamini Karunananda
Mauritius  ,  Sep - 2015