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The moment you turn off the main road, you are in the organic gardens which supply food and medicines.

SDJ Ayurvedalaya is an oasis of health and well being.You can feel it the moment you arrive.The rooms are simple but well equipped and very clean. The food is very good and what is required for proper Ayurvedic nutrition.

Everything you need to achieve your “ health goal” is given.The hospital is a place to have quiet healing time, which goes along with your treatment.The doctors are of south India traditional Vaidya lineage from the origin of Ayurveda. They are excellent.They are kind and caring but to the point they are great teachers and inform you what is required for overall success in your health development.

Everything at SDJ tells a story of holistic healing, health and well being.

MR.Stanford G.Melancon
USA  ,  Aug - 2015