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I am Diabetic since the last 30 years & on Insulin for the past 10 years. As per the annual checkup done last year I've had sensory neuropathy at HIGH risk level & was advised moistening cream/ oil application in the legs and feet along with a prescription for a nerve strengthening capsule.

It helped for the next 6 months but again I started having cramps & pain in the legs & feet which peaked into my whole left side stiffening. I had difficulty in walking & the excruciating pain causing sleepless nights which affected my day time schedules too.

This was my condition when I went Dr.Parthasarathy at the Ayurveda hospital in Anaikatti Started by Poojya Swamiji recently. After inspection Dr Parthasarathy initiated a treatment which involved intake of medicine along with a diet followed by a therapy which was executed by the efficient & caring staff under the under the vigilant supervision of Dr .Saranya for nine days. This was carefully monitored by Dr. Parthasarathy who made necessary changes in my diet & schedule time to time. Though I expected some relief after the treatment it was amazing to experience the progress my body was making during & after the treatment was over. Now I am not only relieved of the pain & discomfort but also able to walk without limping. The stiffening I had earlier has altogether disappeared now & I am having a restful sleep in the nights after a long time. I am greatly indebted to Dr. Parthasarathy, Dr. Saranya and the capable staff who did the procedure under their guidance.

Mrs.Lakshmi Rajjappa
Coimbatore  ,  INDIA  ,  Nov - 2014