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Tarriff In SDJ Ayurvedalaya
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Deluxe AC Room Premium Cottage Executive Cottage
For One Patient in INR 1000 INR 1300 INR 1700 INR 2000 INR 3200 INR 3700
For One patient + One bystander * N.A. INR 1300+400 INR 1700+400 INR 2000+500 INR 3200+500 INR 3700+500
For two patients N.A. INR 1000+1000 INR 1300+1300 INR 1500+1500 INR 2100+2100 INR 2350+2350
Extra cost For the third person as a Bye Stander ** N.A. N.A. INR 400 INR 500 INR 500 INR 500
Extra cost for the Third person as a Patient *** N.A. N.A. INR 900 INR 1000 INR 1000 INR 1000

Bystander is a person who is staying along with the patient as a care taker. Bystander has to take food simple staff food in the dining hall and if necessary they can have consultations and treatments on out patient basis, however if they wish to have the patients food or medications served in the room , they will be considered as patients and will be charged accordingly.


Third person as a bystander- Based on availability we will provide the extra matress and we do not charge extra for the same


Third person as a patient - We generally do not encourage it but still we make it available in genuine cases like Kids, aged patients etc and it is managements dicretion to accpet it or deny it.

Other Informations

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All the costs mentioned above will cover the food and accomodation and would not cover any other incidentals like laundry, telephone, internet, airport transfers and other transportations.

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Guests visiting will not to encouraged to stay, however if they wish to have food at extra charges, a proir information should be passed to our Admin officer to make the necessary arrangements.

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Check in and check out is 12 noon with a cushion of hour either sides. However if some ones arrives few hours before or leaves few hours late, we charge only for half a day instead of full day charge.

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Room charges would be applicable even if you are not available in the room in between the treatment program.