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The Medicines that will be prescribed during and after the treatments are manufactured by the reputed Ayurveda Manufacturing companies of the country.

The forms of medicines that you will be taking will be

KASHAYAM - herbal decoction

KASHAYAM TABLETS - herbal decoction condensed into tablet forms

ARISHTAM / ASAVAM - herbal wine

CHOORNAM - herbal powder

GULIKA - herbal pill

GHRITHAM - herbal ghee

LEHYAM / RASAYANAM - herbal jam

TAILAM - herbal oil

For Example , If we take the Dosage form Kashayam, we have nearly 100 varieties of Kashayam. Each Kashayam would have minimum of 3 herbs and might have up to 50 herbs.

The same is the situation with each dosage forms and all put together; we have nearly 400 varieties of medicines.

Ayurveda explains- Jagatyeva anoushadam. That is no substance in the universe that is non medicinal. So when we explain that there will be medicinal herbs, that might include substances from the Herbal, Animal and Mineral Kingdom also.