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1. Where can I get some information about ayurveda and its concept?
Please follow the link Ayurveda Concept
2. Which is the best time of the year for ayurveda treatments?
3. What will be the usual duration of ayurveda treatment?
4. How do we decide the number of days of treatments?
5. I do not have a severe ailment but still can I take a complete ayurveda treatment?
6. Do you have treatments on all seven days?
7. Is it good to arrive a day before in the evening to start off with the treatments?
8. How many treatments will I receive during a day?
9. How long does one treatment session last?
10. Will there be separate therapists for male and female treatments?
11. Will women have treatments during menstrual cycles?
12. Should I continue paying the regular treatment package charges when I do not have treatments because of menstrual cycles?
13. Do you prepare your own medicines?
14. Is there a chance of Heavy metal poisoning by taking the ayurveda medicines in your place?
15. Can I go for a stroll during treatments?
16. Can I Train/practice yoga during the treatments?
17. Can I have cooking classes during my treatment?
18. Can I go for outing, sightseeing during my stay?
19. What kind of lifestyle should I follow during the treatment?