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1. Do I need to pay an advance for reservation?
We book the room even by not getting an advance payment but to make a final confirmation with the specified type of room, we request you to make an advance of 200USD or equivalent in our account. This will not be refundable however this will be adjusted in your final and in remote scenario of your not coming you can use the same amount to rebook within 6 months.
2. What are the payment terms while I’m in your place?
3. Can I pay by cheque?
4. Can I pay by credit card?
5. Can I transfer money from my Indian account?
6. Can I do an international money transfer before I start so that I need not carry cash?
7. Can I pay your hospital in Dollars or Euro?
6. Can you help me in transferring my Dollars or Euro?
9. Can I get discharged without completing the payment?
10. If I wish to tip the staff as a token of appreciation, how should I do it?
11. What is the cancellation policy ?