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1. What should I do to book a space in your hospital?
On deciding on the type of the room that you wish to take, you make an inquiry in Contact Queries

Additionally if you wish to share your detailed medical information, you can use the link Medical Questionnaire

We will respond to your inquiry as an email, usually within 48 hours with the details of availability, possibility for treatments etc.

Once you have a confirmed decision and plan, you can make an online Registration at Registration

And we will block the rooms for you as per the details provided based on availability and it will be communicated to you. RoomTariff
2. After making a confirmed booking, is it possible to make a small alteration in dates of my arrival and departure?
3. Can I continue to stay for few more days even after my treatments are over?
4. Can you provide us a transportation service to pick me up from airport or railway station?