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Ayurveda emphasises the importance of Diet and Regimens as a part of the treatment and knowing about them becomes very essential.
Suitable diet during treatments
Suitable Diet is always referred to as pathya in Ayurveda but in a deeper sense,food and activities which is not harmful to the body and body channels is called as pathya. The diet and regimens opposite to these qualities are said to be Apathya. The pathya Apathya has an important role inAyurveda treatments as it is an integral part of the therapy itself. We usually have a tendency to understand the food that is good and healthy and the food that is not good. But from an Ayurveda prospective, there is no food that is good for everyone, at all given time and no food that is bad for everyone at all given times. There are so many factors like Climate, location, availability, age of the person, digestive power of the person, method of selection of food, type of cooking that the food undergoes, combination of ingredients, proportion of the ingredients, method of consumption and so on that makes the food good and bad to someone. During the treatment the diet plays an important role and considering all the above mentioned points we have very carefully designed a 10 day menu as per the authentic tenets of Ayurveda without even a slightest compromise on the Ayurveda principles.