10 day menu in SDJ Ayurvedalaya
Day Break Fast with tea
( 7.30 Am )
( 12.30 Pm )
Herbal Tea/ Snacks/Soup
(4.00 Pm)
( 7.30 PM)
1st, 11th and 21st of Every month Wheat upma with Pudhina Chammanthi served with Hot Herbal Drink.InformationWheat upma is a item prepared cooking the broken wheat Pudhina Chammanthi is a side dish that is prepared with cocunut and Mint leaves. Herbal drink. White Rice and Omam Chappathi served with Sambhar, Nelli Rasam or Manathakkali soup, Keerai Kootu, Vendakkai Poriyal & Kaichiya Mooru.InformationOmam chapathi is prepared by adding Ajwain while preparing the dough. Sambhar is a side dish prepared with moong dhall . Nelli Rasam is a kind of a soup prepared with Amla and Manathakkali soup is prepared with a green called Black night shade. Keerai kootu, Vendakkai Poriyal is Lady's finger. Kachiya mooru. Ragi puttu with Herbal Tea.Information Ragi puttu is a sliglty sweet delicacy that is prepared by steaming the Finger millet flour with Jaggery and Coconut. Herbal tea. Sola Dosai/Sola Sevai with keerai kuzhambu. Information Sola dosai is a kind of a pan cake that is prepared with Proso Millet and Keerai Kuzhambhu is a gravy that is prepared with Leafy vegetables.
2nd, 12th and 22nd of Every month Oats Porridge with Lemon grass tea Information Oats is cooked with water to a porridge consistance. We serve it bland and you can add salt or sugar as per your wish Kuthiravali & Payaru Chappathi served with Aracha Sambhar, Murungakkai Soup,Senai Kootu, Keerai Poriyal and Kachiya Moru. Information Kuthiravali is the Banyard millet that is cooked as a rice. Payaru chappathi is prepared by adding green gram powder to the Wheat batter.Aracha Sambhar is a Special variety of a soupy gravy. Murungakkai soup is prepared with Drumstick. Senai kootu, Keerai poriyal, Kachiya moru. Kakda (2 Nos) with Chai. Information Kakda is made of wheat and it is similar to chapathi. It is nothing but a crispy and dry chapathi which is a Gujarathi speciality Kichadi with boiled Butter milk. Information Kichadi is an easy to digest item prepared with Rice and green gram with or with out vegetables that goes well with Boiled buttermilk.
3rd, 13th and 23rd of Every month Idly with Sambar with Chai. Information Idly is a soft and steamed item. Sambhar is a side dish prepared with moong dhall. Chai. Brown Rice & Keerai Chappathi served with Moor Kuzhambhu,Kaikari Soup, Vazha Thandu poriyal and Poosainikkai kootu. Information Brown rice, Keerai Chappathi is prepared by adding the leafy vegetables with the wheat batter. Moor Kuzhambhu is a gravy that is prepared with buttermilk with various other ingredients.Kaikari soup is prepared with vegetables. Vazhai thandu poriyal is prepared with the Banana stem( palntain pith), Poosanikai kootu. Patanjali Nellikkai. Information Nellikkai juice is prepared with Amla Fruits. Kambu sevai with Nellikkai chammanthi/peerkankai thuvayal . Information Kambu sevai is a "noodle" kind of a preparation made with pearl millet & served with Nellikkai chammanthi - is a side dish made with Amla fruits and coconut. Peerkankai Thuvayal is a side dish like" chutney" that is prepared with Ridge Gourd.
4th, 14th and 24th of Every month Samai Kichadi with Kothamalli chammanthi served with Hot Ginger drink Information Samai Kichadi is an item similar to Upma that is prepared with little millet as a main ingredient. Kothamalli chammanthi is a side dish prepared with corriander leaves and coconut. Ginger drink. Vellai ponni served with Keerai masiyal, Paruppu rasam, Olan, Kovakkai Poriyal,Kachiya Moru & Pappadam Information Vellai Ponni is a special veriety of rice. Keerai masiyal. Parupp rasam. Olan is a non spicy kerala delicacy prepared with some vegetables. Kovakkai poriyal. Kovakkai is ivy gourd, Kachiya moru, pappadam. Vegetable Omlette with Ginger Drink Information Vegetable omlette is a snack that is prepared with moong dhall, ginger and few other spices vegetables. Ginger drink. Wheat Dosai with Veg kuruma Information Wheat Dosai is a kind of a soft pan cake which is prepared with Wheat flour. Veg Kuruma is a gravy that is prepared with vegetables without the usage of pulses.
5th, 15th and 25th of Every month Uthappam with tiffin sambhar served with Tulasi Tea. Information Uthappam is a soft variety of dosa. Tiffin sambhar is a gravy that is prepared with moong dhall that goes well with tiffin items. Tulasi is Holy Indian Basil Varagu & chappathi served with Dhall, Seeraga Soup, Keerai Kootu, Carrot poriyal & Kachiya Moru. Information Varagu is Kudo millet prepared as rice. Chappathi, Dhall, Seeraga soup, Keerai kootu, Carrot poriyal, Kachiya mooru. Paniyaram (2 Nos) with Chai. Information Paniyaram is a fluffy snack which is prepared with Idly batter and ghee on a special pan which gives a ball shape to it. Rice noodles and stew. Information Rice Noodle is an item resembling noodles but it is prepared with rice and vegetables. Stew is a kerala style coconut based gravy.
6th, 16th and 26th of Every month Fruits served with Hot Hebal Drink. Information Seasonal fruits are seved, Herbal drink and we will also give a glass of Buttermilk at 11.00 am as fruits might not be filling. Basmathi Ghee Rice, Thaalicha morsaadam, Kambu Chappathi served with Veg Kuruma, Keerai Soup, Vazhathandu moor Pachadi and Pavakkai Fry. Information Basmathi ghee rice is a tasty dish prepared with certain selected spices. Taahlicha moor sadam. Kambu chapathi is made with Pearlmillet. Veg Kuruma. Keerai Soup is prepared wirh leafy vegetables. Vazhathandu moor pachadi is prepared with Plaintain pith and buttermilk as a main ingredient and same item can be prepared with beetroot also. Pavakkai fry is a shallow fry of Bittergourd with permissible spices. Payaru Sundal ( salted) with lemon grass tea. Information Payaru sundal is a snack prepared with green gram by seasoning it. Lemon grass tea. Kanji prepared with broken wheat seved with Punarnava Chammanthi. Information Broken wheat kanji is a salty gruel prepared with Broken wheat. Punarnava Chammanthi - is a side dish prepared with Punarnava (a herb) leaves and coconut.
7th, 17th and 27th of Every month Hot Ragi kanji served with Lemon grass tea. Information Ragi kanji is a porridge made of Finger millet. White rice seved with Chow Chow Milagootal,Vadikanji Soup,Vendakkai poriyal or Pavakkai Poriyal , Keerai Kootu, Kachiya moru and Pappadam. Information White rice, Chow chow Milagootal. Milagootal is a kerala speciality dish prepared with moongdhall and few other ingredients and as a vegetable either chow chow or plantain pith can be used. Vadikanji soup is prepapred with the water drained while cooking rice. Vendakkai poriyal, Pavakkai poriyal, Keerai kootu, Keerai is green leafy vegetables.Kachiya mooru, Pappadam. Hot Vegetable soup. Information Hot vegetable soup is prepared with different vegetables Wheat sevai with veg gravy. Information Wheat sevai is a type of a noodle that is made is with wheat. veg gravy is a soupy side dish that is prepared with different vegetables,coconut etc
8th, 18th and 28th of Every month Thinai kichadi with Peerkankai thuvayal served with Chai Information Thinai Kichadi is like upma and is prepared with Fox tail millet and Peerkankai thuvayal is like a chutney and is prepared with Ridge Gourd. Chai Samai and Vegetable chappathi served with pacha payaru masiyal, Seeraga Rasam, Chow chow Poriyal, Senai Fry & Kachiya Moru Information Samai is little millet that is prepared as a Rice. Vegetable chapathi is prepared by adding Vegetables during the preperation of Chappathi. Pachapayaru masiyal is a gravy prepared with green gram, Seeraga rasam is a kind of a soup that is prepared with Cumin as a main ingredient. Chow chow poriyal. Senai fry is a shallow frymade with Yam. Kachiya mooru. Akki Roti with Herbal tea Information Akki roti is a a delicacy that is prepared with freshly ground rice batter that is cooked like a dosa Greengram kanji with chammandhi Information Green gram kanji is a salty kanji (porridge) that is prepared with Greengram, rice, pepper ginger,curry leaves etc Chammanthi
9th, 19th and 29th of Every month Broken wheat kanji served with Tulasi tea. Information Hot broken wheat kanji is a porridge prepared with broken wheat grains that are cooked till they are soft. Black rice and Pudhina Chappathi served with Keerai Kuzhambhu,Milagu rasam,Beans Mezhukkuveratti, , Aviyal. Information Black rice is a special variety of Native indian rice, Pudhina Chapathi is made with Fresh mint leaves. Keerai kuzhambhu is a gravy preapared with leafy vegetables. Milagu rasam is a kind of a soup prepared with Pepper and many other ingredients. Beans mezhukuvaratti, Aviyal is a kerala style of preparing vegetables. Ilaneer pal or thengai pal. Information Ilaneer pal is a sweet delicacy prepared from Tender coconut water. Thengai pal is again a sweet delicasy prepared from coconut milk. Kudiravali pongal with Sambar. Information Kuthiravali pongal is a delicasy prepared with Banyard millet, Moongdhall, Ginger and pepper. Sambhar.
10th, 20th and 30th of Every month Pesarattu with white kuruma served with herbal Drink. Information Pesarattu is an Andhra Delicacy that is similar to Dosa but green gram with few spices are added instead of Black gram white kuruma is a gracy or sidedish that is prepared with vegetables ,coconut and few spices Jeera rice with 1 cup plain rice, pasi paruppu rasam, Beet root Moor pachadi, Senai fry and pappadam. Information Jeera rice is a flavoured rice, pasi parupp rasam is a kind of a soup that is prepared with green gram, beetroot moor pachadi is a raita that is prepared with Beetroot and buttermilk, senai fry is a shallow fried Yam Senai Cutlet with Herbal Tea Information Senai Cutlet is a pan fried snack prepared with Yam and other spices. Herbal tea. Idli with tiffin sambhar. Information Idly is the soft item prepared with Rice and Black gram, Sambhar.
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SDJ Arrow Chapathi - Is an Indian bread prepared with whole wheat flour and it is completley devoid of any fementing substances like Yeast etc.
SDJ Arrow Kachiya Moru - Is a buttermilk that undergoes a special boiling and seasoning process making it suitable for ayurveda treatment.
SDJ Arrow Pappadam is made with black gram and to suit the ayurveda treatments, they are dry roased in fire instead of deep frying it in the oil.
SDJ Arrow Herbal drinks and teas - There are various varieties of teas and herbal drinks served hot, of which only the Chai has milk with regular tea leaves but all other drinks are made with some natural herbs like lemon grass, Dry ginger,Dry corriander, Ginger, Pepper, Cumin, Raw sugar etc.

SDJ Arrow Lunch Almost on all days will have a Variety of Rice or a Millet, a variety of chapathi or pappadam, One sambhar or Kuzhambhu which is a gravy that goes well with both Rice and bread variety, Two different types of vegetables cooked in different form and taste and the Boiled butter milk
SDJ Arrow When we are serving some items that are seasonally available, then we have given a choice so as to accommodate the availability factor.
Some Ayurvedic Lifestyle Concepts Dinacharya (Daily regimen):
SDJ Arrow Ayurveda in detail describes daily activities, right from the morning we wake up to the time we go to sleep at night. Following this, one can achieve a long, healthy and active life. It includes early rising, attending natural calls, oral care, oil application all over the body, exercise, bathing, food intake, good conducts, night sleep etc. Evacuation of stools should happen naturally and the evacuation guided by a coffee, drinking large quantity of water etc is not considered healthy.
Ritucharya (Seasonal regimen):
SDJ Arrow It is commonly felt that seasonal changes have very significant impact on our health. Ayurvedic literature has classified whole year in 6 seasons each having 2 months period and suggests very peculiar diet and lifestyle regimen accordingly, following which one can withstand the seasonal changes and stay away from illness.
General Do's and Don'ts
SDJ Arrow Wake up early in the morning in “Brahma Muhurta” .That is be early o bed and be early to rise
SDJ Arrow Always have food on time
SDJ Arrow Be aware of the taste and texture of the food you eat. Enjoy and appreciate your food, and feel satisfied and thankful
SDJ Arrow Chew food thoroughly and properly as this is the first step of digestion.
SDJ Arrow Never skip meals
SDJ Arrow Do not eat food in a hurry. Eat in a calm and quiet place .
SDJ Arrow Do not lie down or sleep just after a meal. Instead walk for a while.
SDJ Arrow Use warm water for all your activities
SDJ Arrow Do not suppress the natural urges of the body like urination and defecation, hunger etc.
SDJ Arrow Avoid day sleep
SDJ Arrow Avoid exposure to cold, wind, sunlight, dust & smoke
SDJ Arrow Women cannot have a treatment at the time of their menstruation
SDJ Arrow Avoid stress – both physical and mental
SDJ Arrow Reduce time spent (preferably avoid) on the mobile phones, electronic gadgets, computers etc
SDJ Arrow Do not exercise – please do not worry about lack of exercise during the treatment. Your body is being toned by the different treatments and you do not need the exercise for this period and for some duration after the treatment. Once the process of healing is completed, then you can return to your normal exercise routines
SDJ Arrow Go to bed early